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Gias XPS extruded polystyrene boards

Resistance Durability

The perfect option for long-term applications, the GIAS XPS polystyrene retains its thermal and physical properties.
Extruded Polystyrene Graphite

We Promote Quality

We produce and deliver extruded polystyrene for the highest requirements. We guarantee the quality of the product through quality certificates certified at European level.
Top performance at up to 25% lower costs

λ min 0.026 W/mK

GIAS XPS 300+ with graphit extruded polystyrene is a remarkable innovation in the field of thermal insulation. This is an advanced material that combines excellent thermal insulation properties with superior efficiency. Thanks to its outstanding performance, GIAS XPS 300+ is able to provide high-quality thermal insulation with a minimum thermal conductivity coefficient, λ min of only 0.026 W/mK.

Also, due to its superior performance, GIAS XPS 300+ allows the use of thinner material thicknesses compared to other insulation solutions without compromising efficiency. This leads to an optimization of material costs and can reduce insulation expenses by up to 25%.

Whether used in residential, commercial or industrial construction, the GIAS XPS 300+ is capable of providing premium performance in terms of thermal insulation, helping to create a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor environment.
Thermal insulation specialists

Choose the right polystyrene for you!

Everytime a building is being constructed, the builder must choose the most efficient thermal insulation in order to ensure the end users will have a high level of thermal comfort. This is why Briotherm agents and distributors are always standing by to supply thermal insulation for all building needs. Briotherm’s presence all across the country, in builder’s warehouses and retail stores, has driven us to become the leader in the manufacturing and distribution of extruded polystyrene boards on the Romanian market. We manufacture the only polystyrene board containing high compressive strength graphite. We employ over 250 people and our yearly manufacturing capacity exceeds 450,000 cubic meters of extruded polystyrene. We invite you to appraise the quality and diversity of our products!
We comply with the Minimum Environmental Criteria

Compliant products (CAM)

BRIOTHERMXPS SRL has been verified, validated and certified on an audit basis by ICMQ ITALIA (Istituto Certificazione Marchio Qualita), as a manufacturer of extruded polystyrene insulating panels, complying with the CAM requirements imposed by the Italian legislation.
Products approved by the European Union


Starting with 2021, we are holders of the "ECOKARTA" certificate. This tool obtained by GIAS XPS proves that our product is ECO-FRIENDLY.
The documentation for this certificate is based on tools available around the world to assess the impact of the verified product on human health and the environment. With the help of "ECOKARTA", specialists in the sustainable construction industry (consultants, architects, evaluators, entrepreneurs, etc.) can determine whether GIAS XPS extruded polystyrene can help obtain building certification, GREEN-HOUSE projects and implicitly obtain LEED, BREEAM, DGNB and CAM certificates
Extruded polystyrene GIAS XPS went through a rigorous evaluation process carried out by the independent and impartial certification body ECOSQUAD, which assessed the compliance of our products in terms of social and environmental requirements. Ecokarta quality label is applied to our products and guarantees that they are manufactured and respectively supplied according to high quality criteria, well defined and monitored. Certification confirms that GIAS XPS products meet the requirements agreed by the Member States of the European Union. The awarded eco-label is the guarantee that our products comply with the strictest environmental standards.
International Certifications

At each delivery we send to our customers certificates attesting the superior quality of our product, which is subject to the strictest controls.

Quick Deliveries

We build long-term relationships with customers. Briotherm XPS is a partner you can rely on! We offer delivery directly to your doors, factory or warehouses.

Production Capacity

Our production unit in Romania, owns several production machines and top equipment to cope with orders in large quantities. We produce 450,000 cubic meters of extruded polystyrene per year. We always make sure that the delivery deadlines are respected!
The guarantee for commitment and care towards our clients

Certified Products

The guarantee for commitment and care towards our clients Our experienced and knowledgeable team developed the GIAS XPS Graphite-Based Compressed Polystyrene, recommended for a wide scope of applications. Briotherm XPS earned its reputation as the main manufacturer of customised compressed polystyrene with graphite in its composition. We approach every project with two major aims in mind: we maintain or exceed quality requirements and save costs for our clients. The GIAS XPS Graphite-Based Compressed Polystyrene is known for its wide base of solutions offered in the thermal insulation industry, based on reliable, quality products - irrespective of the project size or complexity.
We pay a particular attention to all fields where our business has an impact over the environment. Thanks to the successful application of the ISO 14001:2005 certificate, we manage to reduce waste management costs, energy and material use, distribution costs, to improve our company’s reputation before legal bodies and organisations, before public clients and organisms
Our quality systems is intended to meet the requirements of our clients, according to ISO 9001 standards. Our products are marked with the identification labels representing the compliance with CE European directives, as well as the company’s logo; the quality of processes and the outcome is an important competitive element.
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GIAX XPS guarantee + quality


λ min 0.026 W/mK

GIAS XPS 300 + ofera solutia obtinerii de performante premium cu costuri pana la 25% mai mici. GIAS XPS 300 + (λ min 0.026 W/mK) este noul performer din domeniul panourilor termoizolatoare



The purpose of insulation: to make a comfortable and energy-efficient home. Extruded polystyrene and expanded polystyrene are often confused. How do you know which one is best for your project?



GIAS graphite extruded polystyrene is especially recommended for foundations and basements, but also for exterior walls and façade dressing.



GIAS Graphite XPS protects buildings against cold, heat and humidity due to its high resistance to temperature variations.

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    We would like to hear any questions you may have, and we are open to communication using our social media channels.
    Get in touch for guidance on how to use our products or if you have any questions about our products;
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    We would like to hear any questions you may have, and we are open to communication using our social media channels.

    Copyright by GIAS XPS. All rights reserved 2022

    Copyright by GIAS XPS. All rights reserved 2022